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Car Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Sydney Wide

WinTint offers a wide range of car products and services, including car window tinting, car paint protection and more at Sydney’s best value prices. We understand that if you’ve made an investment in a car and taken the time to maintain it carefully, you want it protected as best as possible. We are also car lovers too, which is why we aim to provide protection options for each and every aspect of your car.

Car window tinting

Getting your windows tinted is more than making your car look sleek and stylish. It’s also an important part of protecting your interiors, driving more comfortably and increasing fuel efficiency.

Car window tinting is the process of adding a tinted film to a car window. It is a popular aftermarket modification for many drivers for a variety of reasons, including privacy and glare reduction. Tinted windows can also provide an added security measure for unattended parked cars, as potential thieves cannot see valuables inside.

WinTint provides affordable car window tinting with outstanding lifetime warranties on all products. Both security and solar films are available; the former protects the occupants of the vehicle in the event of a crash as well as slowing down intruders, whilst the latter significantly reduces heat & glare, and blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays (not to be confused with actual light levels- see last paragraph for more information). The aforementioned lifetime warranty protects against fading, peeling and bubbling of the film, which may otherwise render it less useful or even statutorily defective.

  • Darkest legal solar films available
  • Security solar films available
  • All auto films block up to 99% of the suns harmful UV rays
  • Reduces the heat caused by the sun by up to 68%
  • Reduces the suns glare improving driver comfort.
  • Protects the occupants of the vehicle by holding shattered glass together in the event of an accident
  • Security film dramatically slows intruder access through side and rear windows.
  • Lifetime warranty protects against peeling, bubbling and fading of the film

Auto Tint Film Selections

  1. UltraTint Max
  2. SunSmart
  3. UltrTint Sport 42
  4. UltraTint Sport 35
  5. UltraTint Sport 15
  6. UltraTint Sport 5
  7. UV Clear
  8. 3M Carbon 35

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Ceramic Coat Paint Protection bonds with the pores in your paintwork, alloys, bumpers leaving a smooth, high gloss finish. Protect your vehicle from tree sap, traffic pollutants, strong car wash chemicals and everyday weathering including UV light and frost.

Proven to be effective in conditions such as ultraviolet exposure, corrosive atmospheric pollutants, plant and tree sap, extremes of temperatures, general traffic dirt and grime.

The active Ceramic Coat formula binds with complex polymers to provide a film depth and hardness unique amongst its competition.

Used initially for NASA satellites and US Defence contracts, Williams F1 Team technicians have succeeded in creating a unique paint protection system that will provide unrivalled performance on all vehicles. It increases the hardness of the surface within 24 hours of Ceramic Coat paint protection being applied. This, in turn, enhances the ‘beading’ effect so dirt and grime just rolls off.


Ceramic Coat Fabric Protector is: Hypo-allergenic, Environmentally friendly, Non-aerosol and Completely safe. Proven to b effective with: Baby drinks, Tea/coffee and Ice cream.


Ceramic Coat Leather Protector is provided as an optional extra and can be purchased from the dealer. Our formula is a feed and protector, which helps keep your leather supple and prevents drying out.


Ceramic Coat comes with a lifetime guarantee for the period of your ownership of your car. Some paint protection products require the use of an ‘enhancer’ to maintain both the gloss shine and the lifetime guarantee. Ceramic Coat does not, all you need do to re-validate the guarantee is to have your vehicle inspected by the selling dealer after five years. In the unlikely event they find any problems with the coat, we will re-apply Ceramic Coat*. The guarantee is registered and applied by your supplying dealer with the terms and conditions presented on handover.


Q: Will I have to reapply Ceramic Coat?
A: No, you will not need to reapply Ceramic Coat. The product is professionally applied by your selling dealer and guaranteed for as long as you own your car.

Q: How often should I clean or polish my vehicle?
A: A regular wash with mild soap (not dishwashing detergent) and water will be all your vehicle requires.

Q: Can I use a carwash?
A: Certainly. A simple wash and dry cycle will not affect the Ceramic Coat and may be the best way to keep your vehicle clean.

Q: Can I use any vehicle shampoo?
A: Yes, although we do advise you to choose a leading brand, or see if your dealership stocks Ceramic Coat car wash.

Q: How quickly should I remove bird droppings?
A: Ceramic Coat is guaranteed to resist the effects of bird lime, but it’s still best to remove it before it bakes on. Use a little car shampoo to loosen it before you wash, but please, no scraping!

Q: If the vehicle sustains accidental damage, will I need to have it recoated?
A: In the event of an accident, Ceramic Coat will be reapplied where necessary as part of the insurance claim.

Follow this link to watch Williams Ceramic Coat protection on YouTube

For a great quote on car window tinting in Sydney, call us now on 1800 35 62 35

Premium Paint Protection


  • Protects against stains and paint damage caused by:
    • bird / bat droppings
    • tree sap and industrial fallout
    • fading, discolouration and loss of gloss
    • paint oxidation
  • Eliminates the need for waxing and or polishing
  • Adds a glass-like finish to the paintwork
  • Enhances resale value
  • Once only application
  • 10 year warranty
  • Free annual inspection

Interior Protection, ( Fabric, Vinyl and Leather)


  • Helps Protect against staining on fabric, vinyl and leather surfaces caused by food and drinks
  • Reduces fading of all interior surfaces cause by the sun
  • Reduces the cracking and peeling of vinyl/leather surfaces
  • Nontoxic
  • Enhances resale value
  • Once only application
  • Transferable warranty
  • Free annual inspection

Electronic Rust Prevention


  • Protects all of the areas of your vehicle against rust formation
  • Prevents against surface rust growth, from minor scratches and stone chips
  • Enhances resale value
  • Once only fitment
  • Transferable lifetime warranty
  • Transfer unit from vehicle to vehicle
  • Free annual inspection

As members of the Window Film Association of Australia and New Zealand, WinTint adheres to a strict code of practice, so you can be assured of the quality of our work. This includes, but is not limited to keeping up with the latest technologies, undertaking regular training, only installing films which meet the established guidelines for safety & performance, conducting business in a fair and ethical manner, and maintaining a high standard of general customer service that includes helping to educate our valued customers on the features and benefits of car tinting services. WinTint is proud of the results we have achieved as car tinting professionals.

There are strict state regulations on the level of visible light transmission (VLT – the light that gets through the film and window to the inside) that needs to be met in when tinting cars in Sydney. These involve different levels of tint on different windows, for safety reasons. The current New South Wales rules are that for private passenger vehicles, a minimum of 35% VLT needs to be achieved on the side and rear windowss. For the front windscreen, no film is permitted on the lower part of the windscreen, and a minimum of 75% VLT needs to be achieved. There are slightly different regulations again for trucks, commercial vehicles and buses- ask your WinTint professional if you have any questions.

Our tinting services are also complemented by other premium auto care services – see the Car Products page for further information.


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Last modified on June 28th, 2017